USB drive access monitoring software notify alert by playing sound when any USB port data stealing activity occur in local area network and record USB mass storage hardware ID name capacity display client machine name IP address access time date

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Windows Network USB Drive Access Monitoring Software $45

Windows Network USB Drive Monitoring

Windows Network USB Drive Monitoring

USB Monitoring is a professional and reliable tool that is developed to prevent data theft or data stealing occurred through misuse of USB port over Windows network. Device monitoring software keeps a constant watch over USB mass storage device’s activities on client’s machine in real time and during offline status (when network connection is broken or unplugged). The Windows Network USB Drive Access Monitoring Software is capable to record the detailed information of USB drive’s insertion and removal activities performed on client’s PCs. Monitoring Log is maintained in the software containing recorded detailed USB device information that includes:

  • USB drive Status i.e. Detected or Removed or both.
  • Client PC’s Name and IP Address along with Date and Time.
  • USB Drive Name, hardware ID and device capacity.
  • Date and Time when information is received to the server.
  • Supplementary Information: Contains information of Multiple Logical Drives or continued information.

LAN based monitoring utility is an exclusive network monitoring tool that is developed by professionals in the area of USB communications and helps you to save your precious data from being lost and is widely used as Anti-data theft monitoring software. USB network software provides full rights to administrator for managing the access and permission settings of USB drives for sever and client’s terminals. Activity Log is prepared that records all the changes made by the administrator in access and permission settings along with Computer name, date and time details.

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Windows Network USB Drive access Monitoring Software supports:

USB Mass Storage Pen Drives Other USB mass storage devices
Jump Drive
Thumb Drive
Key chain Drive
Memory Stick
Jet Flash
USB Cameras (mass storage)
USB MP3 players
USB Audio players
USB video players
Pocket PCs (mass storage)


  • Constantly monitor the USB drive’s detection and removal activities in real time and when in offline status.
  • Notifies the network administrator about any insertion and removal activity of USB mass storage device over Windows network via alarms or sound beeps.
  • Maintain monitoring log and activity log files in html and text format respectively and save at user specified location.
  • The administrator can easily increase or decrease the activity log capacity.
  • Administrator has the full rights to make the USB drive accessible or inaccessible and readable or both readable/writable for the clients.
  • Display all the information of Server and client like Domain-IP, Domain Name, Server machine name, Server machine IP, Client machine name and Client IP.
  • The software is easy-to-use and cost-effective and can be easily operable by any technical or non-technical users.

Download free trial version of fully functional and reliable Windows Network USB Drive Access Monitoring Software that will easily monitor 5 clients on a Windows network. The comprehensive and full featured USB monitoring software is available online on our website with following license options:

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